This wonderful photo of Pikes Peak (also known as "America's Mountain") was taken by one of our owners from the UCCS campus. We used this photo of the 14,115ft beauty for the mountain silhouette on our logo.

Dear Customers:


The four of us formed Viridian Heights, LLC (VH) in August 2018 as a member-managed limited liability corporation. We all live in Colorado and come from different walks of life with various experiences and one significant common trait: an undying passion to help others. With an initial goal of owning a hemp farm, VH was conceived with the purpose of delivering high-quality hemp and hemp derivatives to consumers to help improve their quality of life


As we were unable to secure the funds necessary to start a farm in time for the 2019 farming season, we decided to not let our efforts go to waste. In May 2019 we scrounged together what funds we could and started an e-commerce business. Since then we have devoted countless hours and sleepless nights to the growth and success of this company. 


To date all four of us have maintained our professional and personal lives and prioritized VH without seeing a dime in any of our pockets. We have taken every dollar earned and reinvested it into this company. We are committed to the success of this company and long to be able to leave our current occupations to pursue our collective dream of owning a farm.


We hope that you decide to support us as we try to support you. Please reach out to us for any questions you have and we’ll do our best to get you a satisfactory answer in a timely manner.


Thank you.



The Owners of Viridian Heights

James, Matt, Matt, & Rory

Some of us are active first responders with with an undying drive to help those who need it.
Some of us are Veterans who wish to continue to serve the people we defended.
All of us have a desire to produce and sell high quality products that legitimately help others.